R&D Abilities

The CMOD of the desk is designed by ourselves, that all technologies are in our hands, which…


Direct Manufacturing

Core parts including linear actuator, control box and electric plugs are produced ourselves , and one assembling product line with capacity of  10’000 sets per month…

Quality Control

We have strong supervision over the whole production process to ensure the requested quality and make 100% inspection in each process;


Warranty for 3 years. If any quality problems such as manufacture, function or procedure occur within the guarantee period, we shall take responsibility and ship replacement parts at no cost to you.

Why Adjustable Desk?

In large part due to research showing that the cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is associated with a range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. Office Workers spend most of their time sitting at his or her desk, that says “sitting is like a new smoking which is threatening their health”.

Adjustable Desk is a wonderful desk that can adjust the height of the desk,  office workers can stand at the desk or adjust their seat.

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About Lihi High-Tech

We are a young and innovative producer and exporter for height adjustable tables, we had been in linear actuator industry used for medical apparatus field over 10 years.

We have the professional quality control group to have strong supervision over the whole production process to ensure the requested quality; we take credit reputation the most import thing and value of the company.

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Most Asked Questions?

Yes, We have anti-collision stop function set at 15kgs instant trigger; The returned back distance is 5cm;

We have 2 options:rectangle and square

  1. 1st segment 80*50*1.5mm , 2nd segment 75*45*1.5mm, if 3rd segment 70*40*1.5mm;
  2. 1st segment 70*70*1.5mm , 2nd segment 65*65*1.5mm, if 3rd segment 60*60*2.0mm;

Single leg can carry 80kgs max, it will continuously working for 4-5 minutes;

Control box input: 32v

motors: 24v and 1.5A(+/-10%)