About Us

We have the heart to serve our customers with furniture that will improve their lives. We know the impact it has on your health and happiness. So we go above and beyond expectations to deliver a superior product, service, and experience.
We carefully craft our designs and innovations to ensure we go above and beyond our customer expectations and market standards.Quality is at the heart of our focus. Solid, robust, high-quality standing desks that last is how we can best serve you along with our service and smiles.

Our mission is to create an easy to use, functional and flawless health protective life station. These adjustable height desks will not only improve health and wellness but also change the way we engage in the world around us. As a company, we value:

  • A client focused relationship
  • Creativity
  • The ability to change
  • Loyalty, openness, and honesty

Who We Are

Established in 2008, we are young and creative at the forefront of the exporting. We have been manufacturing the linear actuator over 10 years;Our height adjustable standing desk frames are both electric and manually hand cranked .They are in 1 column, 2 columns, and 3 columns options, and they can be either in single motor, (I shaped )dual motors or (L shaped) triplet motors. We also offer full workstation solution for the height adjustable standing desks;

We also cooperated with famous factories which are well-known in china and abroad for the best in locally and globally sourced components in Zhejiang province;

We design all of our products so you can customize and build your dream office at an affordable price. Our steel height adjustable standing frames, MDF desktops,rubberwood desktops, bamboo desktops, monitor arms, CPU holder,keyboard trays, stools, and other products are optimized to work well together.

Our Mission is to deliver sincere, world-class service and provide solutions that benefit our customers.

Community service and support are important parts of our company philosophy; we want people to be healthy not only at work, but in all areas of their lives. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute our time and financial resources to  environmental protection;

We drive ergonomic principles: We want to help customers find products, tools and innovative ideas that have been researched, developed and produced based on ergonomic principles.