Manual Adjustable Height Desks, Hand Crank Sit to Stand Up Desks/Tables

Manual Crank Adjustable Height Table: Sit to stand Up Desks and height adjustable desks are often cited as contributing to improved productivity and employee health in the workplace. Standing desks provides the many benefits of standing while you are at your work space.

Lihi Desk Crank Adjustable  brings aesthetics, functionality and durability to the workspace. Hand crank drive mechanism – no electricity required!


1).2 legs with no desktop
2).Foot size: 70*700mm
3).Columns: rectangle column 80*50mm,2 segments, big tube on top, as picture shows
4).Hand cranked height adjustable desk, stand-up with a smooth crank.
5).Min. height of complete base: 700mm; max.height:1200mm,suitable for less than 200cm people using.
6).Cheaper price and easy to handle, only one finger can crank to move.
7).Strong columns&feets make the 1500N max load available.
8).Two segments adjusted the height range 680-1160mm, suitable for less than 200cm people using.
9).Available Color: Black, White, Grey
10).Net frame width range: 1080-1800mm , suitable for desktop 1200-2000mm

1.Speed: 10mm per 360 degrees  rocking the manual rocker, which is top rated in the same field;
2.The columns can be self-reset to keep balance in up and down operation;


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