Facts About Lihi Lifting Colunms

Facts About Lihi Lifting Colunms

A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into a stable guide. The sophisticated motor system is completely hidden inside the column.

LIHI lifting columns are designed to raise and lower, providing a smooth, quiet and elegant movement. With innovative systems from LIHI you can concentrate on design, stability and furniture aesthetics. What is more, there is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on all lifting columns.
Our lifting column systems are used for office desks, workstations, kitchens, display stands, mobile carts, counters, treatment chairs and more.
LIHI has the widest lifting column program on the market. Whether rectangular, square, standard turned or turned upside down, 2-segment or 3-segment legs are preferred, we have the solution.

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  • Alan Boswell Reply

    Hi Jason
    I am looking to source Linear actuator column with typical 800N capacity, 38mm/s unloaded speed with a stroke length of approx. 600mm for the UK market. Can you help?

    2018年1月26日 at pm8:32
    • Jacky Wang Reply

      Hi, Alan, Sorry to reply you late. Our current standing desk frame reaches your requirements. could please supply us your email to contact for further information.

      2018年3月13日 at pm3:02

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