Stand Up For Your Health

Healthier and Happier
70% every day we are inactive by either sitting eating breakfast, sitting driving car, sitting at our desk and work, and sitting when watching television.
You can change this simply by standing up! Standing more will reduce obesity, increase weight loss, and improve mental health.
Just 15 minutes per hour while you work is enough. 15 minutes per hour and you will burn 20,000 more calories a year. 15 minutes per hour which corresponds to 6 full marathons. 15 minutes per hour and it will make you healthier and happier.


electric desktop desk riser workstation,convert any existing desk to be standing desk

  • Compatible with any standard desk and turn any existing static desk into an electric height adjustable standing workstation desk
  • There are no hand cranks, scissor lifts, or clunky hand brakes required to lift LK102 to your optimal height
  • It’s soft-start and soft-stop technology means anything you have on your desk moves without being jerking or unsteady—even your cup of coffee
  • It moves effortlessly with the push of a button to your precise ergonomic height
  • The LJ102 is truly the simple solution for everyone, regardless of their desk environment. Enjoy all the benefits of a larger power-adjustable height desk in a smart, compact constructionLJ102 An extra added workstation on desktop
    Turn any existing static desk into an electric height adjustable standing workstation desk
    It fits perfectly onto your existing desk and moves effortlessly with the push of a button to your precise ergonomic height.
    The perfect Fit Compatible with any standard desk
    Our LJ102 quickly turns your desk into an ergonomic workstation;
    Installation is as easy as setting the LJ102 onto your existing desktop and pressing a button;

Facts About Lihi Lifting Colunms

A lifting column is an electric linear actuator integrated into a stable guide. The sophisticated motor system is completely hidden inside the column.

LIHI lifting columns are designed to raise and lower, providing a smooth, quiet and elegant movement. With innovative systems from LIHI you can concentrate on design, stability and furniture aesthetics. What is more, there is 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects on all lifting columns.
Our lifting column systems are used for office desks, workstations, kitchens, display stands, mobile carts, counters, treatment chairs and more.
LIHI has the widest lifting column program on the market. Whether rectangular, square, standard turned or turned upside down, 2-segment or 3-segment legs are preferred, we have the solution.


Health Benefits of Electric Height Adjustable Table

Like most the world, we spend the majority of our days sitting. From work, to lunch, to our daily commute – we are constantly sitting. By the time we arrive home from work, we’re mentally and physically drained, our head aches, our back is killing us, and we are in no mood to visit the gym. All this sitting in our lives made us think. We started wondering if the claims were true…? How does sitting all day affect our health? Well, we did some research and what we discovered was quite shocking. (more…)


Sitting All Day At Work Can Kill You.

Recent Newspaper reports and Television documentaries are telling us all about how bad it is for us to sit all day at work.

Maybe it is time to consider a Standing Desk ?
We at Height Adjustable Desks are distributors and manufacturers of a wide range of Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks designed to improve your posture and help you avoid some serious health issues.But don`t just listen to us , search the web , or go to our facebook page and see for yourself.
We are not medical practitioners although we are able to offer practical advice about the most suitable product for your needs.
We just sell the widest range of Height Adjustable Standing Desk Products  at the most reasonable prices.


A Brief Overview Of Electric Standing Desks

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

If you thought that all electric height adjustable desks were the same, then a look through our superb collection of electric standing desks will quickly show you that electric desk options are as varied as those available for sit-only items. Even better, electric stand up desks can be used for either sitting or standing; simply adjust the height of electric sit to stand desks as and when you need to for a surface which is always at the right height for your needs. Ideal for people who want the health benefits which less sitting can bring, an electric adjustable desk allows you to gradually increase your standing time by raising the level initially, then lowering your electric desk back down to a comfortable height for seated work when you want a change of position. (more…)


Which Height Adjustable Standing Desk Should I Buy?

Height Adjustable Desks, known as Standing Desks or Sit Stand Desks, the concept of a desk or table that can be adjusted in height to suit your personal requirements has been proven to improve productivity and personal wellbeing, with a number of eminent experts outlining the ability to seriously reduce a number of unpleasant medical conditions. (more…)