Which Height Adjustable Standing Desk Should I Buy?

Which Height Adjustable Standing Desk Should I Buy?

Height Adjustable Desks, known as Standing Desks or Sit Stand Desks, the concept of a desk or table that can be adjusted in height to suit your personal requirements has been proven to improve productivity and personal wellbeing, with a number of eminent experts outlining the ability to seriously reduce a number of unpleasant medical conditions.

As we become more familiar with the concept, the question must be which desk to I buy? Should it be a set height almost static product, a winding handle unit or what is becoming more popular, even with the higher price tag, the Electric Height Adjustable Desk.

Like any other product you buy there will always be the low, medium and high priced products, all extolling their virtues with clever marketing and sometimes low price tags. The clear objective is to find good value for money and a reliable product. Here’s where you must be careful, particularly on product guarantees, a number of products have been developed in the Far East and apply the mass market approach, if the motor breaks, replace it, usually up to 2 years. These products appear to be strong particularly when they advertise lifting capabilities of 120 kg but they are usually a single leg motor pulling a slave leg and can be noisier and slower but if you have not tried an alternative, then you will not know the difference.

However, the Sit Stand Desk was developed in Scandinavia and a number of world class companies product electric actuators to drive the product. Actuators, when used in office desks provide smooth and powerful, trouble free operation and offer in most cases an extended guarantee period but this does reflect in the price. So when you are considering a height adjustable desk either visit a distributor that offers more than one brand or research the alternatives.

We  can offer a full range of Electric, Winding and Height Settable products, carefully selected to provide excellent value for money and the peace of mind that your investment is protected by genuine manufacturer’s guarantees.

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